Leisure Travel : City Trip

Stay in Dubai and make excursions to the different Emirates

Arrive on your Dubai City Trip
Stay in a trendy Downtown Dubai hotel or a luxurious beach resort in Jumeirah or on the Palm. Embark on a Dubai Highlights tour and gaze at this grand metropolis from one of the skyscraper viewing decks, then dive into the bustling alleyways of old Dubai for a cultural food tour.
4x4 Journey to the Heart of the Emirates
Escape the city on a off-the-beaten-track 4×4 adventure across the lesser-known interior of the Emirates, and visit a date plantation, get up close with camels and picnic in a lush farm in beautiful Wadi Showkah.
See Abu Dhabi's Masterpieces
Head the other way and do a cultural visit of the capital Abu Dhabi with its palatial masterpieces such as the Louvre and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Spend your afternoon kayaking in the dense mangrove forests surrounding the city.
Holiday Relaxation
End your trip with one or two days of relaxation by the pool and shopping for souvenirs, and conclude your trip with a dining experience with view on to the amazing Dubai Fountains!
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