Who we are


Our Story

The Belgian-Arab quantum physicist Salua Daghay and her husband, the Belgian biologist and environmental expert Koenraad Ghys combined their passions for travel and exploration to found Unveil Arabia in 2012. The couple moved from Belgium to the UAE in 2008. They were drawn to the country's multiculturalism, natural beauty and the exotic mix of Arab modernity and tradition. Soon they wanted to share their passion and insights with others by founding their own destination management company, Unveil Arabia. Their goal: to design active and thematic experiences for clients who want a deeper understanding of the United Arab Emirates and its surprising diversity. Before founding Unveil Arabia, Salua developed the official guided tour for the Yas Marina F1 Circuit working closely with the FIA during the 2010 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix. Following on from this experience Salua began guiding local companies to become one of the most requested tour guides in the UAE. Meanwhile, Koenraad worked on the environmental management of some of the largest tourism development projects in the United Arab Emirates. As a true explorer, he loves trips into the outdoors where he keeps on making new discoveries. The Unveil Arabia team, now enlarged with other experienced professionals loves to move around and explore the UAE to source the newest experiences and sample the latest venues and hotels for their clients.

Our Mission

Unveil Arabia is a boutique destination management company and thematic tour operator in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Our team of experts is based in the UAE and consists of experienced professionals with a European and Arab background. They focus on providing bespoke and niche services to travel professionals as well as private groups and individuals. Unveil Arabia offers tailor made programs based on your specific interests and our detailed market knowledge. We bridge cultures and geographies, while respecting and preserving the local heritage, values and environment.

Our Team

The people behind Unveil Arabia are not your everyday travel professionals. Meet Salua, Koenraad and Kim! Our team consists of dedicated and passionate guides, multilingual and all residents in the United Arab Emirates for many years. Each of our guides has a unique background in different academic and societal domains, making it possible to provide you with first hand deep knowledge and interesting facts about the UAE and Arabia in general. With 15 years of experience running tours in Europe and the Middle East we are able to match the high quality standards of demanding visitors, while helping clients to bridge the cultural gaps!

Salua Daghay

Founder and Director – Quantum Physicist and Arab World Specialist Guide

Koenraad Ghys

Co Founder and Content Manager – Construction and Nature Specialist Guide

Kim Draps

Commercial Manager - Socio-Economic Specialist Guide

Myriam Cops

General Manager - International Project and Event Management Specialist

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