Signature Day Tours

Dubai Highlights

Dubai Highlights Tour Description Are you on a short visit to Dubai but daunted by its vastness, large distances and different neighborhoods? Our guide will make you understand the essence of this multifaceted and diverse city! Half Day (4 hours) … Read More

Abu Dhabi Highlights

Abu Dhabi Highlights Tour Description The beautiful capital of the United Arab Emirates lies stretched across a number of large mangrove-straddled islands and is dotted with stunning architecture. From palaces to skyscrapers and mosques. On this tour our guide will … Read More

Dubai Urbanism & Architecture

Dubai Urbanism & Architecture Tour Description Dubai, the world’s most exciting playground for urbanists and architects! Get your sunglasses out and let our guide show you the unique masterpieces of this city, and introduce you to the vision and projects … Read More

Futuristic Dubai

Futuristic Dubai Tour Description A tour for science fiction fans including a visit to the Museum of the Future! Half Day (4h) Discover how Dubai is a city for science fiction fans and those interested in everything futuristic! You will … Read More

Historical Dubai

Historical Dubai Tour Description If you are curious about Dubai‚Äôs past and love the smell of spices in buzzing Souqs you will love this tour! Half Day (4h) A brief encounter with the origins of Dubai. On this tour, you … Read More

Sharjah Cultural City

Sharjah Cultural City Tour Description The city of Sharjah is probably the most hidden gem in the UAE! Be surprised as our guide shows you how knowledge and culture run deep through the veins of the Emirate of Sharjah, the … Read More

Al Ain Garden City

Al Ain Garden City Tour Description Take a trip towards the lush Oasis city of Al Ain, also called the Garden City. Experience authentic Arabian vibes in the birthplace of the Emirates! Full Day (10h) From Dubai or Abu Dhabi. … Read More

Shopping Tour

Shopping Tour Tour Description Coming soon! Contact us Book your private tour! +971 58 558 0912 All our Signature Day Tours Staying in Town? Discover our range of Signature Day Tours! We offer different thematic half- and full day … Read More